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What ethnic groups tend to get more tanned than sunburned, and can get a tan naturally?

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I know this may sound strange but what ethnicities of course African Americans have the darkest skin of any race but just curious what ethnic groups are more likely to tan rather than sunburn..and what ethnic groups tend to sunburn mostly? It sounds stupid but let me explain in detail, Hispanics and Latinos-Brazilians,Mexicans,Cubans,Dominican,Puerto Ricans,are they more likely to produce a natural tan rather than their skin burning? southern mediterraneans like italians,greeks,etc. Are their skin more likely to tan rather burn because they are from Southern Europe,I know race may not be the biggest factor on how light or dark your skin really is but I am just curious, and for Asians,Hawaiians,Filipinos is their skin capable of getting brown or just an olive color? And as for Australians Aborigines I hear they can get really dark, well what about Australian white people in general is their skin like very olive or can get naturally tanned? I ask this because Austraila is in the Southern Hemisphere. Ok So can someone break this human ethnic skin color down for me in detail? If you don't mind.