Ethel and her eggs

My female parakeet has laid 10 eggs in two months. She has started her third clutch yesterday. I had a nesting box in the cage and took it out two days ago and threw the eggs away as she had lost interest in incubating them. Then yesterday afternoon she laid an egg and has laid another one today. She is in the cage with a male but I don’t think they are mating since all of her eggs have been duds. I feed her a high calcium diet because I know all of this egg laying is hard on her. I have thought about putting her in a separate cage and am not convinced it will stop what seems to be obsessive compulsive egg laying. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

It isnt uncommon for a bird to lay dud eggs. Actually out of 50 eggs laid only 3 will not be duds.Takeing her away from her mate could put her into a depressed mode and she could get sick and die.

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