What are two items that you simply can not leave the house without?

Answer #1

My astham rescue inhaler and my purse.

Answer #2

Chapstick and myself

Answer #3

My phone % wallet

Answer #4

My phone and my snacks usually gum sometimes chips. Ever since I got my first phone I never left the house until it was in my pocket. Then I got a second phone in replace of the old phone and never forget to charge it the night before. Without my phone I feel naked on my legs I don’t feel right. Same with my snacks I have to have one everyday. :)

Answer #5

my cell phone and eyeliner.

Answer #6

LOL….that’s a good one !!

Answer #7

shirt and shorts haha just kidding, prob my cell and a hair tie…haha they’re very useful….there have been so many situation when iv’e needed one “not nessicarily for my hair” and i haven’t had one…hehe. many purposes

Answer #8

Eye liner aye?? hmmm….coolness

Answer #9

Now that’s one I’ve never heard before…Different hair styles coz ya never know the situation might change and PRINCE CHARMING might suddenly appear ~ good to be prepared….I hear ya! :D

Answer #10

yea, thats only because sometimes it wont stay such as pencil liner on my water line and i may need to re apply but mainly just my cell phone b|c dont wear makeup alot :)

Answer #11

Wallet….yeah comes in handy aye!!


Answer #12

well….your only 13 so that’s totally understandable ~ don’t grow up too soon…

Answer #13

My phone and my makeup…

Answer #14

my phone and my friends

Answer #15

My phone, and my purse.

Answer #16

my cell phone & keys :D

Answer #17

phone, bag with all my stuff in it,, does that count as cheating the question? hehe :P

Answer #18

Yes John…that’s totally UNACCEPTABLE!! LOL…..

Answer #19

Eyeliner and my camera.

Answer #20

photographer huh?? Well well….good for you!!


Answer #21

I like taking pictures of everything lol even random people :P

Answer #22

cash and… I don’t know the other one. I feel all safe when I am with my cash LOL

Answer #23

Wallet, cell/iPod Touch (whichever I can find at the moment).

Answer #24

haha yes, if im bored myhair style changes about 5 million times a day! and if im going to school i can not leave without my makeup bag, which i did this morning hahaha….well i guess i survived lol

Answer #25

Cellphone and clothes. Lol

Answer #26


Answer #27

Just two items???? damn….um my phone and my ipod, can’t live without my tunes :)

Answer #28

A couple Poke’ balls and a potion or two…just in case ;]

Answer #29

My cell and money/wallet

Answer #30

cellphone and laptop

Answer #31

Hey purse is cheating! :O

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