essay Question for my all friends

how I can make good money?

Answer #1


I recently found a site, subvert and profit, which pays you to vote on social media sites, like youtube, digg, or stumbleupon. There are people out there who would give anything to get views for their video, or get their article on the front page on digg. That’s where this site comes in.

You get paid between 60 to 75 cents for each task. Right now I get a minimum of 2, 3 tasks during the day, but sometimes when there are lots of advertisers you can get much more. One night I made 8$ in under 10 minutes.It’s a matter of luck, and how much time you spend online. You don’t have to keep checking the site, there’s toolbar for firefox you can install, which alerts you of any tasks. You just have to keep your browser open.

Apart from task earnings there is a 10% refferal bonus. This is actually very useful, right now refferal bonuses are half of my earnings here. It pays to get refferals because for each task your refferal completes you get 8 cents, rather than 1 cent, like other paid to sites. You can see how this could work to your advantage. If you have only 10 active refferals who each earn you 0.24$ a day you get 2.4$ a day. It’s not much in the beggining, but if you stick with it and keep getting refferals in time you could get a second salary out of this.

If you’re interested check out my blog for proof of payment, and further details:

Answer #2

Make a resume and give it to places that are hiring.

Answer #3

Create a powerful resume. A resume is a brief, concise document that presents, and effectively sells, your most relevant and positive credentials for employment and submit it at online job site. These sites help you to find a job of your choice. For resume related help visit

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