What's a full sentence in an essay?

what is a full sentence in a essay

Answer #1

Well, that is true, but if you are writing an essay, it is not good to make the sentances very short and choppy. One should always write to your your best.

Answer #2

A sentance that uses good verbs, adjetives, adverbs, prepositions, ect. Just not a question that is cheap and short.

Answer #3

No, a full sentence just needs (technically) a subject and a predicate.

Subject (verb) predicate.

Answer #4

a sentence is something that conveys what you are saying, maybe to clarify a point, or to highlight anothers…normally…

it is essential to use good grammer, spelling and punctuation. use commas where there is a change in the subject, or you could use them to insert something that’s relevant, but not the main point.

punctuation, and using it properly, is by far the most important point…

in addition to this, it shouldn’t be too long :)

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