who enjoys watching avatar. the last air bender.(cartoon one)?

Answer #1

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THAT SHOW! :D I know, label me a dork ^_^

Answer #2

me too avatar is the best American cartoon ever made. seriously.

Answer #3

Oh totally agreed m’dear! I seriously can quote like every single line of every single episode hahahaha

Answer #4

i do!!! i love that show, they show it on toon nick everyday about all day LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!1

Answer #5

i now it is total epic-ness!

Answer #6

yes they also show invader zim whom i love

Answer #7

i used to watch that all the time. it was a cool show. :)

Answer #8

I used to love it, I dont really catch it on much anymore but the movie totally sucked!

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