What energy drinks in the U.S are most effective?

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there is one you can get from think geek which has twice the caffeine of normal ones. I havent tried it though, that much caffeine would make me bounce off the walls.

Answer #5

RED BULL ftw! It has things in it to boost your metabolism too

Answer #6

Are you wanting an energy drink that doesn’t make you crash later? Because I don’t think they make those kind lol

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I use those 5hr energy things. Well actually I use the knock off ones that I get from the dollar tree. But the ingredients are almost exactly the same. Like 2 things are 1% different, just enough so 5hr energy ppl can’t sue them :P. They work fairly well for me, and don’t have too bad of a crash. After about 4-6hrs (depending on how active I was) I slowly wine down, not really a sudden crash tho.

Answer #9

The best and most effective energy drink is somewhat surprising! It is all natural, healthy and good for you at the same time. What is it? A mixture of fresh water, local honey and fresh cinnamon. A glass of water with a good spoonful of raw honey, a sprinkle of freshly ground cinnamon will boost your energy levels for a long time. source: [link removed]

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