How to I spike the back of my hair straight up

How to I spike the back of my hair straight up list products

Answer #1

got2be glued freezing hairspray. the spiking glue makes it almost impossible to wash your hair afterwords; I barely used any when I did use it, and I had to take a brush in the shower with me to get all the gel out. it was painful… but the hairspray holds just as well, without being so hard to get out of your hair.

Answer #2

u can use glue (its a type of gel)… that seems 2 work out gud on my kuzin and hehas realy long spikes…

Answer #3

“got2b glued”

That is a beautiful product it gives me perfect mohawks :)

Answer #4

Like most people use,hair gel from the beauty salon should work perfectly,don’t use to much on your hair.

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