What do you think of Emma Watson's new short hair?

I don’t like it.

Answer #1

She looks like a dude.

Answer #2

her skins gorgeous! but she looks like a man from some angles, like katie waisell on xfactor!

Answer #3

hmm….if she wanted it then its up to her to be honest. but i dont think girls should have hair as short as that it didnt suit victoria beckham it doesnt suit her. that hair style only looks nice if they have a fringe with it too like Rihanna and Sarah Harding.

Answer #4

I dont understand why everyone is raving about her hair..its a mans haircut. Its one thing when a woman gets a pixie cut and keeps it feminine (halle berry, pink, etc), but she looks like a teenage boy now.

Answer #5

yeah i think it looks proper stupid tbh! x

Answer #6

I think she just wanted to make a stand that she is not Hermione any more.

Answer #7

taylor swifts new hair is gorgeous!

Answer #8

taylor swifts new hair is gorgeous! :)

Answer #9

she might have done it to look grown up or for some confidence, it got 1 directions hearts racing LOL , mistake though, itll grow back

Answer #10

I can understand she wanted a change after doing Harry Potter for so long I guess, but I do think she looked better with longer hair. She’s really pretty, but that hair doesn’t really do her justice. To each their own though, she’s happy with it so I won’t criticize.

Answer #11

Found a picture where she looks good in it. Wow, how much they have grown. Check out the photobomber in the background. lol!

Answer #12

i don’t like it personally but im not an emma watson fan…

Answer #13

Honostly She makes Millons she doesnt care what anyone think…. It might be a bit short but thats her opinion… She has been known for her long hair in Harry potter since she was TINY!! Dont you think she deserved a bit of a change??? Honostly ?

Answer #14

^it’s not really relevant though is it? Her hair is nothing like Emma Watson’s - it’s just straighter. And in my opinion, Emma and Katie both look like Peter Pan.

Answer #15

Yea, maybe she is doing Peter Pan….lol! That didn’t sound right.

Answer #16

Is it Taylor Swift spamming hour? geez.

Answer #17

^lol. but really, BOY cuts belong on BOYS. she’s doing it to separate herself from Hermione, but I personally do not like their new hair in the slightest. :(

Answer #18

thats from xfactor when all the contestants visited the harry potter premiere, her skin looks stunning

Answer #19

lol soz

Answer #20

cool story bro.

Answer #21

I love it, she looks very beautiful to me expec. when she wears red lip stick, its nice. im not a big fan of her’s but i like the cut. but then again i like all short hair styles on celebs cause i get tired of seeing the same ol same ol long, curly hair style.

Answer #22

dont bother me… you dont look at the mantelpiece when your poking the fire and i would destroy her in the style of a virgin

Answer #23

Vogue Cover picture.

Answer #24

I’m not crazy about it. She looked so much prettier with long hair but I don’t care what she does. I can understand if she wanted a change.

Answer #25

Damn if I saw that photo out of random I would’ve thought it was a cute dude until noticing the boobs lol.

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