What happened to Eminem?

What happened to Eminem

Answer #1

ok ok ok but how long though??? and which songs I only heard him in Smack that man I wish if he does come back that he will be his old slim shady again not like how he was in Smack that

Answer #2

mooseruler, He had mentioned in the media several times that he is taking a break to fix his relationship with his family. His career was causing a lot of drama with the family so he needed a break, but did say he plans to return in the future. I’m glad he chose his family over his career. He has been featured in a couple of songs since he made the statement, but nothing huge. I think the break is good for him. He needs to be in his families life, especially his daughter. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #3

well recently hes had a heart scare and is at a highrisk from a heart attack so I hear im not 2 sure though

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