Emergency: tampon string broke!

hey this is kinda a emergency I bought these tampons the otha day adn when I put it in the sting broke. does anyone know how I can get it out?

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I've always been scared thats going to happen to me Lol

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Great that you got it lilyluvsu. Just FYI for everyone, I read the other day that when your tampon string breaks and you can't get it out, lying in a bath of warm water helps when trying to pull it out yourself.

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he every 1 don't worry I got it out thnx 4 your advice!

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It shouldn't hurt to reach your fingers in and pull it out...

I agree - go to the emergency room that can be very serious.

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You need to do everything to get it out that is an emergency you could get toxic shock from it believe me my friend had that and got seriously ill.

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if you go to the er it is going to hurt worst and be more embarrasing. I say try to put one foot up on the toilet and relaw use your index and thumb to slowly pull it out.. good luck

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You're going to have to go in and get it.

Has it been in there for a few days? You say the string broke the other day. That's really dangerous - you're at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

If you can't get your finger in there to grasp it and pull it out, then get to the ER - it has to come out.

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it has only bin in ther 4 a day and I don't want 2 use my finger because it hurts

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Hospital - go

The longer you wait, the more you're at risk.

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It will NOT be embarrassing and it will NOT hurt worse. I promise that emergency room staff have seen FAR WORSE than this. If she can not remove it herself, she must go to the emergency room, this can be very serious. Have you never read a tampon box and heard about Toxic Shock Syndrome - you know it can be fatal if not taken care of right?

It will not hurt worse at the emergency room because they will have the right tools and know what to do. I promise she is not the first girl to have a string break of her tampon, it happens.

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LOL. Mine got just stuck. I was like "OMFG THERES A TAMPON STUCK IN MY VAGINA" but like 10 minutes later of pain and pulling, it came out. LOL.(:

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Well this punts wierd but that happened to me! First off, can you see it? Try getting a mirror ans looking, If so then get pliers or tweezers and pull it out, if not GET TO THE EMERGeNCY ROOm QuIcK!!

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it almost happened 2 me! I was pullying it out and it was hanging by one string!

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sorry if you don't mind me asking, how did you get it out? same thing happened to me!

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