Emancipation Question

My name is Ashley. I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I am 16. I will be 17 July 27, 2008. I want to file for an emancipation. I have known my mom since December 11, 2007. She is planning on going to court to get custody of me. I think I should fight it. Since I have found out that I am pregnant my mom has hit me twice, and my dad threatened to have someone jumop me to make me have a miscarriage. my mom smokes weed everyday when shes around me or not and when she gets her pills from the doctor she sells them for weed money. Do you think I have good enough reasons to get away? My childs father are planning on getting married ASAP. Is there a way to get emancipated in the state of Ohio when my custodian is Montgomery County?

Answer #1

The way emancipation works is complicated, yes the courts will most likely take you away in this situation, however, unless you’re able to provide for yourself and your baby and can show yourself to be mature and capable of taking care of yourself, they may simply place you some place else.

Talk to legal aid and see what your options are http://www.olaf.org/

Answer #2

my situation is simalar only I am younger and I am not going to have a baby … my mom and dad beat me on a reagular basis … they are aways putting me down for anything they can think of.. you can do it if you have a GOOD laurer … sadly the child doesnt win in most cases

Answer #3

If I remember right, you can’t normally become emancipated in Ohio before the age of 18.

One exception is if you get married before 18 you become emancipated.

If your current custodian is taking care of you properly, then you should probably fight against your mother taking over.

If you have access to a Children’s Social Services agency in Ohio, then it might be advisable to consult with them.

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