Ejaculated in girlfriend 5 times on different days!!!

What are the chances of her being pregnant it was 1 day before her period, then 5-6 days later her period was over and the next day I had sex again and ejaculated in her, then around 1 week later I did the same, then 3 days after that also and then just 2 days ago I also did, her next period is probably due soon right? reason I was ejaculating in her was she told me she was on the pill, but then a friend of hers told me that she told her she was off the pill months back and had only been on it for a short time, please help!!

Answer #1

um, very high.

Answer #2

Happy Father’s Day :P! There is every chance in the world that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not uncommon (when a girl says she’s on the pill and actually isn’t, or isn’t taking it correctly). It would be wise for you to talk to your girlfriend about this issue and straighten things out. If she is not taking the pill, then that is a betrayal of your trust and a major one at that. You may wish to accompany her to the doctor and see what information he/ she can give you at this point in time. Don’t delay either because these kinds of things can get out of hand very quickly. I hope everything turns out okay :).

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