Regarding my egyptian boyfriend

Is it ok if i will marry an egyptian muslim? I love him. Can u share to me the traditions of egyptians now a days? Thanks

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Of course, you can marry whoever you want to.
You should ask your boyfriend about the traditions, he can explain them better.
I see that you're only 16 though, that's kinda young to be getting married... But it's up to you.

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Yes, of course it is OKay to marry a man of any culture and nationality if you love him.

Just: According to your profile you are 16. that is a little bit young to get married. Maybe you two should just be an unmarried couple for a while, while you get to know his family traditions. Just be friendly-curious about everything and ask him to explain eveything to you. And then you decide whether you marry or not when you are both 18+ ?

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While laws in Egypt have been changed to allow women to work, vote, and own property there is still a lot of sexism in Egyptian society. Egypt's traditions are quite sexist. People are fighting sexism but it is an uphill battle.
The Qur'an permits Muslim men to marry Jewish and Christian women. The opposite a Muslim woman marrying a Jewish or Christian man is frowned upon. The Qur'an forbids Muslims from marrying non-believers or people who follow non-Abrahamic religions.
A lot depends on your BF. Is he traditional or a reformer?

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