Are eggs a dairy product?

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No, there not a dairy product, they are located in the dairy section, but no, eggs are in the protein and meat group, so unfortuantely eggs are not under dairy.. refer to your food pyramid... :]

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No eggs are not dairy products they are a source of protein if you want to find out look on the back of the egg carton. Dairy products come from a cow

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Eggs are considered part of the meat group. An egg consists of a hard outer calcium shell, a membrane seperating the shell from the inner levels. A white which is the cushion of the egg for the developing fetus, and a yolk which is the power center of the egg and gives the fetus all the necessary nutrients. The yolk is high in fat and protein aswell as amino acids. The white is high in protein.

Nope, they are not dairy. Dairy products are made specifically from milks. Remember that any type of milk can be used to make Dairy.

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no they arent

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not sure but I dont think so. theyre protein because they were going to be the chicken and not man made so probably not. might want to check tho :)

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umm I dont think so...

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I dont think so, but im not sure.

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