Do you think that education is too standardized?

I was watching a talk on Youtube by Ken Robinson (RSA animate) and well he made a lot of interesting points about the world’s education system. So I was wondering if you think that it is to standardized i.e. should education be less focused on just getting kids through the system and into varsity and more on making it a wholesome learning experience. (Note: This is my interpretation). I wouldn’t know how we could accomplish that though….any ideas, no matter how random, I’ll be interested in listening.

Answer #1

yes it is too standardized all intelligence these days is recorded only through test they make you take on stuff they want you to know so i think intelligence should be recorded some other way on your overall knowledge and then increase on that

Answer #2

Life knowledge is far more important that book smarts if that is what your inquiring. :) Yes book smarts show your overall ability to understand and remember. However it is the life skills people learn as they get older that really show how smart a person really is. School is merely a formality to pick out the people who arent going to make it. Sadly its true. Only problem is it takes waaaay too long to figure that out.

Answer #3

Maybe. But for now rote learning is just practical. When they can figure out a way to raise the world’s literacy rate then maybe they can start individualizing stuff. Although it does seem to work ok for the majority of kids.

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