ecstasy .. I love it , but where will it get me?

I decided to ask this question on here just because I need advice, I dont want to be judged . I tried ecstasy once just for curiosity . The chance came by again , I took it. & so on .. I love the way it makes me feel . I never took more than one hit . I dont want to quit at all cause it makes me feel amazing. but I know I should because its not good for me and I know that. I just need someone to tell me what to do since I can’t really listen to myself.

Answer #1

Well…you arent going to just not do it because people tell you to, lol. so… -dont waste all your money on it -dont do it more than every 3 weeks (or your body wont recover btw and youll risk causing yourself permanent depression) -dont do it just to feel happy, make it something special when you do it -dont put yourself in dangerous situations because of it

I dont think worry too much because, you’ll build up a tolerance pretty quick (annoying!), and it’ll never be as good as your first time. What I found is that I still enjoy doing it, but less so…I think most people will just get tired of how its never as good as it used to be,and how expenisve it gets and stop using it of their own accord.

Just be safe, have fun, do it with friends you trust…but realize you cant and shouldnt do it forever…

Answer #2

Ecstasy .. I love it , but where will it get me? in answer to your question…

it will get you hooked & then the only thing you will rely on to get you feeling amazing is the drug itself so when you cant get it you will become angry & frustrated then turn to a new drug & you never know how that drug will make you feel, it might make you feel worse & before you know it you will become a drug addict!

I would stop if I were you & try & feel amazing other ways apart from Drugs!! drugs have never done good for anyone, its only eventually ruined their lives & brought them down!

the feeling doesnot last long, after your bosy gets used to it, you will need bigger & bigger hits!!

seriously think about what you are doing here! all the best & noone has a right to judge you because e1 would have tried some kind of drugs in their lives!

Answer #3

you are just digging yourself into a life of addiction where the drug has control over you…you shouldnt need a drug to have a “high” feeling in life…just knowing that you are a good decent person with a whole future ahead of you should be enough to keep you clean…why ruin it all over a moment that isnt real…?

Answer #4

use common sense, please. I’ve been raving for over five years and have asked myself this question on numerous occasions. taking a break is always good, and using in moderation is a must. be smart, don’t take pills loaded with rat poison or crack, be responsible when rolling. as for the negative health effects, I’ve read multiple studies showing occasional ecstasy use has less detrimental side effects than slightly more regular consumption of alcohol. it’s also important to mention that pure MDMA has carries a very small risk of addiction. while I agree with puglover that pugs are the most adorable dogs on earth, I have to point out that some of the most intense and positive experiences I’ve had in all of my 20 years of life have happened while at raves on ecstasy with other ravers who are passionate about the same electronic music and same good vibes; these moments have significantly contributed to my identity as a young adult and were most DEFINITELY real. keep an open mind, a good attitude, use common sense, do things in moderation, and you’re good to go. don’t overthink it ;)

Answer #5

MDMA carries* apologies for the type-o

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