eating when bored

who else here other then me likes to eat when there bored because they have nothing else to do?

Answer #1

I eat when im bored sometimes…But my mom says I shouldnt do it so much, but the food tast so good!

Answer #2

I do but im lucky… I dont get fat when I eat too much just get a food baby =p.. but I do riding and things and try to work it off =) x

Answer #3

Sometimes I do that (that’s why my chips are finished so quickly :p). Yes, do something to distract you. When you’re busy you can even forget to eat :)

Answer #4

I used to do that but it made me fat and miserable. Now if im bored I paint my nails, go for a walk, call a friend, go on msn - anything to distract me from eating!

Answer #5

ugh yess. its horibble. but I honestly dont eat that much. and I snack on healthy stuff like fruit and veggies. and I walk 4 miles everynight.. and over weight. wtf right?? im so lost in what im suppose to do.

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