Is there an easy way to dye black/really dark brown hair?

I want to dye my hair. Not an extremely light color like blonde, but an orange/redish color. The problem is, my hair is dark as hell, and I don't want to bleach it. Is there an easy way to make it orange?

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Well, like you I have black, really dark hair. I tried dying my hair blonde several times. I bought blonde dye and each time it turned out simply orangeish. My sister wanted the orange color and so she bought blonde dye to achieve this.

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to lighten hair you have to bleach it somewhat

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You could also try the "Ice cream"brand hair lighteners :). You buy the color emulsion and the oxidizing emulsion separately depending on how dark your hair is and how light you want it. You just have to read the package on which volume to buy. It's semi-pernament, it will eventually fade a bit, it worked quite well for me, my hair turned orange, and then a lighter shade of orange when I applied it a second time. The lighter shade did fade a tiny bit after several months but it still stayed orange.

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If it's naturally dark, all you have to do is get the lightest dye shade, mix with an even amount of oxydant (preferably 30, or you can mix in half 20 and half 40 or a quarter 20 two quarters 40 depending on how light you want it) and leave it in for a half hour. If it's dyed dark, you have to add a little bleach to the dye mixture I mentioned before, that way it will lighten to a darker ginger shade but you wouldn't be putting bleach directly all over your hair

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