How can i easily kiss someone who is way taller than i am?

i tried just standing on my toes but its really embarrassing that i have to do that, and i lose my ballance easily after a while

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be sitting down:)

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stand on the stairs, curb, etc. of wherever you guys are. this position will help balance your heights out. or try kissing him while he is seated. or kiss when you're both sitting or laying down. you could also wear shoes that make you a bit taller, haha.

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get him to pick you up :P

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thanx :)

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lol thanx, we have done it that way before but he is a little too strong for me,and usually ends up squeezing the sh!t out of my boobs, and nearly brakes my back lol

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Easiest way would be for him to bend down while you are standing up. When lying down, it becomes much easier. I read a super funny story about a guy (shorter one in this case) trying to date and hook up with a taller girl. The whole thing is ridiculous but made me lol.

Check it out:

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lol that was funny

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I dated a guy a full foot taller than me once (it was really awkward) but basically I would get up on my toes with my arms on his shoulders for support and he would hold my waist to keep me steady and bend his neck the rest of the way.

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easy - i'm 5"3 my fellas 6"2 i think nd i hug him so i put my arms over his shoulders nd tiptoe slightly nd since he has to bend over a little to hug me proper its easy to kiss :) just make sure your feet aint together b'cos thats how i lose my balabce
good luck x

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tell then to bend down... lol

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tell then to bend down... lol

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make it cute! stand on ur tipy toes or make them bend down to u!

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it works:D

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Make them get down to your level.

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thanx :)

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i usually stand on my tippy toes or he scrunches down for me:) a couple of times he's picked me and kissed me:) but what chanelqlit said is good too:)

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My boyfriend is 6 4 and im 4 11..i thought it would be hard but its all he just bends over alittle or he picks me up :) its really sweet actually

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Pull him down by his collar lol jk.

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I would bend over cause I think it's nicer and curtious ask him to do the same

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my bf is way taller too... so i know how u feel. i stand on my toes to kiss him n gently pull him down to my level while were still kisssing :) it works for us

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