What are easy ways to gain weight?

i am a 20 yr old guy and a pure vegiterian . i really wanted to gain my weight and some cheaks.some what chubby. will you please tell me the ways to gain weight and some flesh in my body.

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if you enjoy the health that you experience as a vegetarian, You might want to increase your protein with nuts, legumes, salmon, (fish in general - unless you are vegan)
chick peas, soy beans.

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Your huge problem is that your a vegetarian... you're not getting any protein at all... im assuming you don't want to get fat but instead gain muscle... (if you want to get fat just lay around, drink lots of pop, and eat everything in sight)... on the flip side in order to gain muscle or just gain a little weight in general then go to any store and buy protein vitamins... also hit the gym and start lifting... use creatine when you lift

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You should start going to the gym , working out and taking proteins (soya protein). Get a nice work out program with a specialist @ your gym and try to eat at least 4-5 times a day (same amount of food as usual but seperated into more meals). Lots of weights, 1 gram of protein per pound of ur weight -> u should be gaining muscle soon ( yeh , cheaks too).

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