how can i make my ears appear smaller?

Answer #1

Well, don’t push your hair back. I recommend covering them with your hair. Don’t wear earrings, they draw attention to them. Still, I think you should come to terms with your ears and accept them. They’re part of you. Love who you are (:

Answer #2

thankyou (:

Answer #3

I think ears that stick out a little are awesome!

Answer #4

they annoy me and because of them, i cant wear my hair up! :( but thankyou :)

Answer #5

I agree with Victoria its our imperfections that make us perfect. @muppet lmao

Answer #6

hmmm, i think you should wear huge earings coz it’ll make your ears look smaller, i have small ears & i wear tiny earings so my ears will look bigger :)

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