Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?

ok well for my bday my dad oked me getting my ears peirced again I have them pierced but im getting a second hole on each side does it hurt or not and be truthful please

Answer #1

no pain at all I did my own lebret, snakebites and stretching my ear so I can have a spacer or as americans call em GAUGES and then I got my tongue done professionally and zero pain.

Answer #2

It kinda depends on either your a whimp or not… just kidding! ok well I pierced my own ears and their secound holes so the only thing that I thought and felt was a pinch and I thought “Wow, that didn’t hurt, I thought I was going to start screaming my guts out” becuase yes, I am a whimp. I admit it but I did it and that’s all I care about. So, no worries! Have Fun!!!

Answer #3

It depends on your pain tolerance. Try to remember how your first ear piercings were like (if you can; some people’ve had it since they were infants) and base it on that. It’s also based on whether a piercing gun or a needle was used on you. I’ve always had my ear piercings done by a gun, but it’s been known to be really traumatic for the wound. Needles (clean and sterilized ones, of course), as intimidating (and sometimes painful) as they are, are your safest bet.

Answer #4

it doesn’t hurt at all

Answer #5

just a lil pinch… it doesn’t hurt at all

Answer #6

Not much. Just like a super quick pinch

Answer #7

not at all. It will feel the same as the first one.

Answer #8

Well I got my ears pierced when I was in 1st Grade so I don’t really remember! lol but I remember a pinch and thats it. I didn’t cry and I was a whimp when I was small so I don’t think it would hurt THAT much:)

Answer #9

ahaa. I just got my third hole a couple months agoo and no your second hole doesnt hurrt but it differs for some people but for me it didnt hurtt just be sure to twist them a lot it helps the pain go awayy hope I helpeed [:

Answer #10

it does depend on your pain tolerance but it shouldnt be anything you cant handle do not get it done with a gun though people at a mall or salon are not profesionals if they use a gun there inexpirienced, un qualified and not trained they practice on fruit and the gun is full of germs from other peoples blood because they just wipe it down, they dont sterilize it a surgical steel needle is the only safe way to pierce anything so get it done profesionaly

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