early signs of pregnancy?

please tell me some early signs…

Answer #1

Hm. Since he didnt go inside you..u should be good. Early signs are implantation bleeding, and thats about it..

Wait two weeks and take a test..but the chance are pretty slim that your pregnant. So dont worry :)

Answer #2

ya k. nvm

Answer #3

breast tenderness, nausea/ vomiting, cramps similar to period cramps, headaches, cravings for food and adversions to food are some early signs

Answer #4

thanks. my period started :) so, ya :)

Answer #5

the only symptom I have is breast tenderness.. but my boyfriend was squeezing them pretty hard… im still a virgin.. and he cummed on me, but we are both sure it wasnt close to my vagina. can it leak down? I just want to be sure…

Answer #6

umm, scruff92…that isnt exactly correct..if it hits air and still gets on or in the vagina…you can still get pregnant

Answer #7


Answer #8

once cum hits air its uneffective

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