Earache in my baby

My 3 month old baby has been crying a lot here lately and pulling at his right ear. I was wondering what I could do. I have already made him a dr. Appointment but, he can’t get him in for another two weeks. And I am about to go crazy with him crying. I am a single mother of 2 and I have a full-time job and it is really hard for me to stay up all night and then get up and go to work also. Anyone have any advice?

Answer #1

try ibuprofen and then put a wet warm wash cloth on his ear, this should help with the pain some. There is also an ear drop you can get at drugstores to put in his ear that says it will help with the pain. This worked for 2 of my kids but not the other one. The wash cloth though did seem to help some. If he gets a high fever make sure you call the doctor right away though because they should see him immediately. If not take him to the emergency room because high fevers in babies could cause a lot of problems.

Also it could be that he’s getting teeth. Rub your finger over his gums, if the feel that they are stretched he’s probably just getting teeth in. My kids all pulled at their ears when they were getting in their teeth. They all also had teeth by the time they were 4 months old.

Good luck

Answer #2

try baby medi. something cheap but really good nothin tooo strong tho probably pain medi. for babies there has 2 b sometin in the baby aisle

Answer #3

baby ibuprofen

Answer #4

try an ibuprofen.

Answer #5

You need to find a new doctor. 2 weeks is WAY to long to make a baby wait for pain relief. Obviously, you know that because you’re here :) But your doctor sounds like a poopbrain.

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