E pills

Ok so for a schoool project were focusing on drugs. My topic is e pills. Does anyone know if you can drink before taking an e pill. Like will it harm you the same way as taking it with an e pill? Thank you (:

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I took a pill and then chugged a glass of vodka when it wasn’t hitting me. I was f*d. I will never do that again.

Answer #2

Ya I wouldnt recommend mixing it with alcohol. It is just one more thing that will raise blood pressure and cause even more mental issues. Also, alcohol works parallel with Ecstasy and the feeling you get from ecstasy is based on surroundings, mood,.. so many different things, that sometimes alcohol might mask the feeling and you may not experience the E as much as you wanted… Not to mention alcohol mixed with almost any drug will tend to act as a sedative and cause blacking out.. They both will cause you to dehydrate big time.. So I would just stick to water.. orange juice or anything with a large amount of vitamin C is the best!!!

Answer #3

So I’m guessing that an E pill means an Ecstasy pill.

If this is your question then taking ecstasy with alcohol can harm you even more then if you just took ecstasy alone.

The reasons being, ecstasy pills can be a mix of drugs therefore you have no idea what drugs you are mixing and you increase your chances of adverse side effects (ex.: heatstroke, nausea, fainting, paranoia, depression, loss of coordination, dehydration, etc.)

Here is some more info on the subject: http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2005/02/02-08-05tdc/02-08-05dscihealth-03.asp http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/Health_Services/Health_Education/atod/od_ecstasy.htm

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