Can I get any music ideas from you?

Can I get any music ideas from you?

Answer #1

uhm… like what good bands?

I like:

Miley cyrus, Paramore, Avril lavigne, My chemical romance, Amber pacific, Nickleback, Linkin park, Pink, Evanescence, Cascada, Naked brothers band, And a lot others! lol

Answer #2

depends on what type of music you like?

I like quite a mixture: hot chip, daft punk, forward russia, kayne west, envy and other sins, test icicles, shitdisco, the strokes, justin timberlake, radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, System of a Down, britney spears, C.S.S, Linkin Park, Calvin Harris, Maroon 5, Foals, Simian Mobile Disco, damien rice, blur, death cab for cutie, we are scientists, The list could go on and on

Answer #3

britney!full blown rose.calvin harris.basshunter maybe.lily allen.the editors.kaiser chiefs.nelly furtado.gorillaz.cascada.bob sinclar mayb lol.luv sum, hate others.

erm I luv the song ‘something good(2008 vanshe tech mix) - utah saints’ its ace the tune gets good trust me lol.I like the song excess by tricky,I h8 the bits wiv rap innit bt don’t mind when the woman sings in it lol.bloc party.samim.blonde redhead.luv the song sun goes down -david jordan.

Sum fatboy slim songs are ok.sum freemasons songs are ok.

I think the albums ministry of sound chilled ‘91 - ‘08 and ministry of sound ultimate streetdance are good.

O and ministry of sound euphoric dance breakdown 2008

And ministry of sound euphoric dance breakdown summer 2008 lol.

Hope I helped!!

Answer #4

Darkest Hour,August Burns Red,Hopesfall,Sinai Beach,Scars Of Tomorrow,Dead To Fall,Between The Buried And Me,A Perfect Murder,Still Remains Good Screamo Bands That Arnt That Well Knowen

Answer #5

wait what do you mean??

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