How do i know if i have dyslexia?

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Well I have dyslexia........
and first sign is I tend to say "Lis-dexic"...
I say it backwards unintentionally. My father who is also dyslexic sees numbers backwards. Its just a matter of catching your mistakes. See if you do it with words in a sentance, such as if you were excited and was telling a story and said "The tree green" instead of Green tree, or if you are like me and mess up syllabals, or numbers. If you can read backwards or in the mirror, turn a book upside down and read it perfectly, wright letters, words or sentances backwards, or even say the alphabet backwards those are usually good tell tale signs.

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i dont really think im dyselxia i just have trouble learning with english and other subjects and i have trouble reading and understanding words when i was younger i was in a reading class and i had to use some thing to highlight words so i would stay focused but ya i just have a hard time learning and i had todo some stupid class last year and it didnt evan help me at all :-/

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A psychologist can test for dyslexia as well as other learning disorders and developmental delays. If you have concerns this is a good place to start.

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What might help is try to figure out if you are a visual or spatial learner.
Do you learn things better when you read it, wright it, hear it, or a combination of both. I know that when I have someone read me a book, or if someone tells me something I usually 99% of the time dont remember it. If someone shows me how to do something it takes me a time or two to do it. But if I wright it down, I usually never even have to look back at my notes. If they are instructions I make it with arrows and big numbers with circles around them. If its facts, sometimes I draw pictures, or if its history or literature, I would trace the years that were supposed to be remembered over and over until they were ultra bold while thinking of the fact... Like tracing the number 6 and saying "this is my hotel room".

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