How to be happy in my final days?

what should I do im dying I have about a week and I need some adviceim down how do I get happy in my final days

Answer #1

y are u dyin?

Answer #2

That’s the sad part about dying. A few times, I was told I was dying (everyone does, but they meant, soon).

My son asked what would I like to do. He said ‘You could’ open that store you always wanted’.

I said ‘No, What good would that do if I’m just going to die’.

The thing is that …if you could run and jump and fly and drive a car, you probably wouldn’t be dying. When you’re dying you can’t do all those things. It usually means that, by that time, you are in a hospital bed, hooked up to tubes, life support, stuff like that.

emo_bubbles …I don’t know if you are telling the truth or not but I wonder why you said, and I quote:

“I cant leave the hospital I have to stay ‘there’ till im dead on better I guess”.

If you are in the hospital, why did you say ‘there’ and not ‘here’.

emo…if you ARE dying, take spaceyjc’s advice. I’ve already started on mine and I’ve even written my eulogy. I hope you go easy…I mean I don’t know what else to say. Make sure you get plenty of good drugs, like Morphine.

Answer #3

surround yourself with family and friends and just love the people you are close to. have someone help you gather every one together with you to remember the fun times. retell them to eachother. laugh at the silly things you did together. be proud of the accomplishments you have made alone or together with them. then write the stories down in a journal, or write them as letters to your family and friends…or even poems! dont make them sad, but instead happy! fill them with all of the best times you remember having with each person…dont forget to include any funny things you did together too! as you are writing them…smile, laugh, let yourself feel loved! each breath everyone of us takes is precious…and none of us know when it may be our last. even though the doctors have given you a time frame, dont let that shadow your every breath! instead use this opportunity to remember your lifes sweetest moments! and give that back to those you love!

Answer #4

lol, how do you know you are going to die in a week? Planning on killing yourself? If you are, then that’s pretty selfish. But that’s besides the point. Smoke weed, drink bacardi or some other alcoholic drink. You will feel like everything in the world is funny, and start tripping like the world is shaking itself! It would definitely ease your mind. When you know you are high/drunk, go sky diving! I bet that would be fun.

Oh, never mind. You are about to be bored as hell! Actually..know what? Run out of the hospital! Go out with a bang. If I knew I was dying in a week, I would be like…f*ck the laws. I wouldn’t kill anybody, but I’d be stealing everything! When you run out of the hospital, then you find someone to get high/drunk with.

Answer #5

hellow people she has to stay in da damn hospital untill da end.^ what you should do is watch some movies that’ll make you laght play some video games call your freinds and fam to cum visit you till you die and drive a car up and down the street… have some fun for once and throw a drink at someone”z head … itll make you lagh to see the expretion on der faces lmao lol

Answer #6

If you really only have a week to live, why not just leave the hospital? I’d rather die in the car on the way home than in a hospital bed.

Answer #7

do what youve always wanted to do, sky dive, drink a beer have a smoke lol, anything that would make you happy spend it with your frnds just splurge!

Answer #8

id tell all the pople I have strong fealings about how I feal (like if some ones a botch tell them, and if you r in love with some 1 tell them) and do lots of fun and x citing things.

                                               I dont know you but I will miss u!<3
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