What does DVD (the letters) stand for?

My guess is something to do with digital :)

Answer #1

It stands for Digital Video Disc.

Answer #2

k thanx :)

Answer #3

digital VERSATILE disk :P


Answer #4

yup my mans right

Answer #5

lol! how do i know who’s right? 2 ppl think Digital VIDEO and 2 ppl think Digital VERSATILE…hmm…

Answer #6

Euans rite ! :)

Answer #7

Euans rite ! :)

Answer #8

ok, ill give him a point, and u for helping me decide! lol

Answer #9

lol thanks :D

Answer #10

It’s both - digital video disc AND digital versatile disc…neither one of them are wrong…it’s just a personal preference.

Answer #11

ohh rlly?!

Answer #12

Yes, really….

Answer #13

digital VERSATILE disk

Answer #14

originally it was Digital Versatile Disc ( i know this because I’m majoring in IT), but with the common use of a DVD (movies) the digital video disc thing started and now you can say either one. If you are going to be doing some kind of IT project though i would use the Digital Versatile Disc.

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