Do dust particles actually get in your throat when you have a sore throat and a cough?

Answer #1

Dust and other particles are always being inhaled whenever you breathe through your nose or mouth. Makes you think how dirty the air around you is… O.o

Answer #2

yeah i basically agree with what Gabby said,Although u do kinda feel like ur getting dust particles more when u have a sore throat

Answer #3

You always inhale dust particles. When you have a sore throat you just feel it more because your throat is sensitive. Also too much dust inhaled can cause a sore inflamed throat.

Answer #4

I am very allergic to dust, if I go to my dad’s house after 1 hour my eyes will get puffy and red and I’ll start sneezing none stop!!! My eyes will water it’s the worst!!!! He does not dust at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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