Tattoo on my wrist tips or anything like that will it hurt?

Ok so im getting a tattoo on my wrist (the vainy part) thats going to say “whatever it takes” any tips or anything like that? Oh and how much will it hurt? Not that I care…lol

Answer #1

Im a tattoo artist, and to answer your questions…

  1. Yea, its going to have some zing to it. The 1” wide by 3 or so inch long swath just under you palm is very sensitive, but the outer edges arent bad at all. Youve been through worse, but is not the best feeling ever.
  2. That phrase is too big to fit in one line of text. Youll have to break it up.
  3. If the artist doesnt use Photoshop, or at least a ruler, to prepare the text. If they dont, or even worse attempt tp just freehand it on, bail. It will not be even.
  4. Always, always go to a professional and clean shop. Most chemicals we use are only available to licensed professionals, as are Pathogen classes and seminars. Tattoos are for life, so dont let a hundred bucks or two screw you in the longrun. Hope that helps
Answer #2

yeah it’ll hurt. very sensitive area. maybe won’t make you cry though. and as far as a tip… bite something if you feel the pain too much lol. I’ve seen it done many times. I never needed to w. any of my tats, but, I assume it helped others to cope.

Answer #3

Wrist tattoo’s need to be done by professional’s, so make sure you go to one. Also, it really doesn’t hurt that bad, I have tattoos on my wrist, and hands. They just felt like someone is scratching you slightly. Here’s some ideas if you would like: No Lies/Just Love LiveFast/DieYoung Born/Free Love all, trust a few. Laugh often/ Live Life

Answer #4

itll hurt and it will be dangerous be sure you get a real PRO on this one, since he could insert the needle too much into your skin and rip your veins… O_O id say get a tattoo somewhere else… youll get sick of looking at it sooner than you think…

Answer #5

it will not fit on your wrist going across. you would have to put half on one wrist and half on the other or have the words go down one word at a time which would look to bulky. change the location or get it going across your arm. the smaller the letters the more unreadable it will be over time. it will end up looking like a blob of ink. go to a professional and ask advice. make sure the shop is clean and always bring at least 150 with you. expect to tip them also.

Answer #6

ps: im also getting ‘vulture of culture’ done xD

Answer #7

Actually that will fit on her wrist, she can get it in two lines like this Whatever It Takes

Answer #8

I wouldn’t recommend getting words done on the wrist, because tattoos on the wrist tend to bleed and get blurry, and words need to be crisp and clean.

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