drug test is coming up I need help!

ok I have a drug test in a week and I smoked last weekend because im a dumbass…before that I didnt smoke for like 2 weeks…does anyone have any advice…im 5 3 and weigh 125…

Answer #1

You are not going to pass it. Marijuana stays in your system for 1 month - no exceptions. I have seen so many people fail test because they have thought otherwise while I was on probation.

They also have new test - that can tell if your pee is diluted with water, chemicals, or detox products.

If you knew you had a test - you should have no smoked. It’s that simple. You KNEW the test was coming up and you made your decision - now you have to deal with the consequences.

Answer #2

try and drink as much as possible and try to flush out your system

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