Do azo uti pills help pass a drug test?

Do azo urinary tract infection pills help pass a drug test

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I honestly don't think any pill will help you pass a drug test because those drugs stay in your system for quite some time. Sorry!

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yes absolutely I have passed 4 probation drug tests and just today I passed 1 for a job I havent smoked weed for 8 days but yesterday I fucked up and smoked crystal meth but any ways yes it works take 3 pills 2xaday I have smoked weed 1day before and still passed with azo I dont recomend ging to your test stoned I've heard that and I think its bullshit good luck

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Man I facing 65 years in prison, judge told me to take a drug test before sentencing and I went out and smoked, & smoked, & smoked, took 3 pills and what do you know no traces of that green!!!

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yes they do. My friend is on probation, and he smokes non-stop. Five days before each drug test he takes 6 pills and your piss will be dark orange, but you will pass for sure, trust me. I have a drug test in 5 days. I started taking the azo pills yesterday. Im not even nervous

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