How long does it take for thc to leave my body?

If I smoked weed 2 weeks ago and last night I did it but didnt have that much how long is it going to take thc to leave my body if I drink a lot of water?

Answer #1

thc sticks to your fat cells so drinking a lot of water and crap like that really doesnt work..there is like a 50 dollar drink you can buy at fitness stores like GNC not sure of the name but its a really thick drink you drink it (then) drink a lot of water if you have a drug test you do it day of the test and it willl clear your pee for like an hour

Answer #2

well its going to take long. but anyways you shouldnt take drugs or smoke or drink its bad for your health itll mess up your life and most importanty itll kill you sooner than you know it.

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