How can i cleanse a kaiser roll out of my body before a drug test?

I just ate a Kaiser Roll.... I have a drug test tomorrow. I hear it may cause a false positive.... anything I can do to cleanse my system? I saw on the myth busters website that the poppy seeds would indeed cause a false positive (after I ate the Kaiser Roll). BTW, I have never used drugs in my life, never even experimented.... just my luck, I'll fail the drug test.

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Drink lots of water right before the test. Also, eat some fiber.

If you do test positive, explain the poppy seed issue. Don't sweat it thhough, as if that's only one roll, and it's a test tomorrow, you should pass.

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You have nothing to worry about. The amount of poppy seeds you would have to consume to cause a false positive is tremendous. Drug tests are more sophisticated now there are more chemical variants than just THC in Marijuana that they can test for.

No need to worry.

I also commend you for staying clean.


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Dear justmyluck,
You won't show positive. Eating the roll would not do this.
Sue...good luck


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