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Need some feedback so her goes...She wants time to heal since I did put her through hell. She really tried mant times and was there for me. She said If become myself again she’ll take me back. We were texting and emailing but she didn’t want to talk on the phone. She works fulltime and goes to school fulltime and said she can’t go through the pain and drama right now. I am working on myself. Now I stopped even texting her because she would’nt even respond. She actually hung up on me when I called all because I called her in a drunken stupor and also sent a very nasty email. She said she thinks about me but still remembers the bad. I am going through hell right now also because I’ve had 3 surgeries for a broken jaw all within about 2 months. I now have no wires keeping my mouth closed and still not able to open more than 1 inch. Still drinking Ensure asnd have lost 40 lbs. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I hurt so much that sometimes I feel I’m going nuts. I can handle all this physical pain I’ve been through, but it’s the emotional part I have a lot of trouble with. I have done this all alone, meaning the surgeries. Mother helped some. I am looking for the strength to get through all of this. Still hurt physically and mentally. I don’t feel sorry for myself just very very lonely and in sooo much pain. I’m a man. should I be feeling like this?A man that crys. I miss her so much that I’m tearing up right now as typing. I didn’t know where else turn to and I found this sight At least it feels a little better telling you this. Like therapy I guess. I hope at least one person responds to this so I can get a little feedback. I know the problem is just the drugs and alcohol. They destroy everything you have and love! Very tired David