What pets do you have?

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I have
1 dog: Ryder
1 cat: eugene
1 Kitten: Mugsy
1 pregnant rabbit: Lexi
3 Fish: 1 betta, 1 plectompus 1 chinese firebellied newt
and I live at my boyfriends house, and altogether counting my animals there are

9 cats
4 dogs
2 rabbits
1 guinea pig

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I used to have:
cats: 1 _crazy_ (she's an old granny now) too bad she's crazy no more!!
kittens: 3 _fluffyana_lolita_ pepperina_ (my cat's kittens)
fish: 10 _no name_ lol
hamsters: 2 _olga_lolita... (I named her lolita to remember the dead kitten)
what happened to all of 'em:
cats: mom's friend took her cause I got allerigies when she had her kittens
kittens: mom's cousin took lolita, the second day, she died, cause she couldn't live without me (I found out last week) they didn't tell me from the begenning cause I was too sad when they all left, lol (I was 11 when they all left)
fluffyana: still alive (with one of mom's friends)
pepperina: with mom's aunt's grandchild, lol
olga: she was with me for a year and 7 months
lolita: I got her two days after olga died, and she's still alive til' now...
this is her picture... (lolita) the hamster
and I'll post another one of (lolita) the kitten

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we have a KITTY and 2 betta fishies >=O very very bad 'cause my cat keeps bothering them

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a cat named kizzy

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Two ferrets, a snapping turtlebaby, a dog and a fish tank full of fish.

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We have:

1 cat Mariah
1 dog Gracie (Beagle)
20 gallon aquariam full of fish
2 birds Finchs Tessa and Natelie

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18 chickens (and more on the way in the incubator)
1 duck
1 cat
2 dogs
1 dove (orphaned 7 years ago)
2 horses
an infanite number of guppies (they just keep comin)
1 rescued hermit crab
and our rabbit that stays loose in the yard and doesnt run away

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1 cat~ tanya
2 dogs~Fozzie (lab) muffin (chihauauh)
9 chickens
117 guppies
1 hermit crab
1 gerbil~ pheonix
1 bird~ precious
1 rabbit
1 horse~ Roanie
1 praying mantis

new pet ducky :}

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I have 1-dog,1-cat, 1-chicken,1-peahen and 2-horses. Well ok, the horses are part time pets (off season). The rest of the year the horses are used for teaching Western Pleasure riding.

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I have 2 cats, 1 kitten, 1 dog, and 1 snake

I <3 my puppy, she is my baby

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We have an aquarium with three fish.

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oh mannn I have had a tooon is pets through out life haha. but some died and most got kidnapped. I had two baby turtles and they both died they were named Turtle and Tootie. I have 9 chuawas[however you spell it] 1 fluffy dog "Lucky" [kidnapped] 1 golden retriver mixed with chuawa also named "Lucky" [yes, kidnapped] 1 white wavy haired dog "Almond" [kidnapped also] 2 baby kittys one was named "Sushi" and the white and gold fatasss one was named "Fatty" both were kidnapped. 5 fishes that died but I have 2 beta fish that are currently alive ahahha amazingly they have survived for almost a year now hahaha. *sigh. but I probably had more but cant remember from being too tramatized from the many losses..=[ well yeah this question was fun to answer =]

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I have had about 7 dogs since I was born, and now we have a baby jack russel, she is soo sweet, thats her in the picture., we also have a goldfish, a cat, an african grey parrot, and a hamster. believe it or not we used to have a pig. lol and we also had a chicken. the chicken died, and the pig had to be moved to pennywell farm when we moved house =[.

gemma x

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4dogs Roo, Tonto, Griff, Sargent
6 cats Maisy, Moe Joe, Milly, Mac, Mator, Marly
1 parakeet Gibly
and over 20 chickens

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1~mini long hair daschund,1 pitbull/daschund mix and 1 rescued welsh corgi I think thats what she is. and you?

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I have a cat, Daisy.
A kitten, Frankee. (He's the cat in my picture.)
An old dog, Romeo.
And a not-so-old dog. Pedro.

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I have 1 cat and 4 kittens.

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ok, the picture didnt show up. oh well lol

gemma x

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this is lolita the kitten>>

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I have 2dogs

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