Why do we dream what we dream?

Why do we dream what we dream? Do we have control over what we dream about? How do we influence our dreams? Im really curious!

Answer #1

most of the time we dream of what we been thinking about and what been on our minds…

or sometimes our dreams tell us something to look out for..Like I been having dreams of this same little girl and I think maybe she is my daughter that I haven’t had yet…

we kinda do but don’t have control over what we dream about…

Answer #2

go to Glamour.com and then click horoscopes then by that there is dream dictionary. It’s awesome.

Answer #3

Ah! Love the subject of dreams! Let’s see.

Dreams are one of the many things that make us who we are. Without dreams the act of sleeping would be damn boring and feel like a lot longer than it does! =/

Unless you’re in a light sleep state it’s really impossible to influence your dreams. When you’re in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep you can’t do anything but wait for an alarm to go off. At this point it’s just like watching a movie. Granted it’s sometimes some super strange movies, but still, just like watching the big screen. Can’t do anything but throw popcorn when you dislike it.

As I said, unless you’re in a light state of sleep you can’t do much to your dreams. Now when I say “light state” I mean just laying your head down or just waking up; even daydreaming. When this is the case you can influence then greatly. Just think of what you want to do and TADA! Thy will be done.

Any other questions, just ask! I love answering questions! 8D 8D 8D

Answer #4

well my science teacher is a doctor and he tells us random things all the time and he was talking about this a little bit one time. he said that everything that we see hear etc during the day and week gets ‘stored’ in our minds and somehow gets formed into our dreams at night.

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