Are there any dream experts on here?

I think i really need to talk to someone

Answer #1

Hi. I’m Fred Krueger. O_O

Answer #2

Thanks for the joke, made me laugh, but this one’s kinda serious, i woke up about to burst into tears

Answer #3

I’m sorry Amy! I’m really Oprah. FunMail me.

Answer #4

tell me (us) about it. I study dreams. So please, what is your sleep troubled with?

Answer #5

Yes. I know your name :P But now I am at work so it may be a little bit….

Answer #6

i cant say im an expert, but I have a fairly strong argument i think!

Answer #7

Talk to my, my lovely rotten fairy. I shall invent the most ridiculous and absurd interpretations for your dreams. :)

Answer #8

i know quite a bit about dreams

Answer #9

I’ve got no idea about dreams but i’ve just had one and it wasn’t very nice.

Takes a lot to put the shivers up me but this one really did.

I can’t even publicly post it as it was that bad.

Answer #10

…of a wait till I answer.

Answer #11

You are the only one who can be expert in your own dreams. But you might be able to get some help and guidance if you give more info.

Answer #12

I had a bad one too a couple nights ago. Pretty freaky. Wish i could help ya :/

Answer #13

Hey, thanks for the response. Before i tell you about the dream, i should probably tell you about the situation that the dream was based on. One of my best friends (let’s call him X) is having a really hard time just now and I’m scared for him. He’s going out with a girl (who is now called Z) and she is making life really hard for him. Z is a member of the Baptist church and has been slowly trying to pull X away from his family and friends to get him to join the Baptist church. I went to school with X and when we were at school he was the nicest sweetest guy. He was even voted the nicest person in our yearbook. Z on the other hand is awful she was so rude to X’s parents they banned her from their house and refuse to mention her by name. She hates me and considers me a “threat” to their relationship. That’s why I’m scared for him but i know that if i speak to him or text or whatever i am just antagonising the situation. In the dream though for some reason X needed to speak to me about something and asked me to meet him outside the Baptist church, so i went there (i don’t know how i was just there) and when i got there he was outside and he said “i really need to talk to you about something important” and then Z appeared and “well while you are waiting for X I’ll show you around” so because i was being polite i went with her. So she took me through the foyer and then through the main church part and then she kept taking me through all these other rooms but it was so random like there was a pool room next to a prayer room and one of those adult baptising rooms and then like a game room. It felt like i was going underground though, i could feel myself getting all panicky and claustrophobic and suffocated. And X kept popping up saying “i really need to talk to you” and “don’t forget we need to chat”. I remember at one point too, i saw a baby in a pram with bright red hair being pushed around so i started to stop to look at it, but Z rushed me right past, then i think i woke up. That’s all i really remember, please please tell me what this means. This is the second dream I’ve had about him. The first one was a bit shorter. In that one i walked into his room and he was packing his bag and i asked him what he was doing and he said he was joining the army, and i told him to stop being an idiot and that he would die if he did. Then i think he went ahead and joined the army and he died. These dreams are driving me crazy! Please Help!!

Answer #14

Your dream is fear based. Your apprehensive of both the church and girl, being in the life of someone you obviously care alot about. The problem stems from the fact that you can’t do anything about his gf or his choice of church. These are for you, troubling emotions, you can’t find a way to control as you can’t control him., but internally you want to do just that for what you believe is his own good. … so your mind is acting on those emotions in your sleep. Best thing I can think of is for you to assemble your thoughts and give it your best shot at talking to him. You may or may not change his mind but you can satisfy your own….Once you realize you did everything you could possibly do on your end …if you can’t change it, you weren’t meant to. If you can find acceptence of that your dreams should move on to others things.

Answer #15

Amy, I see this differently from Marisha. Yes, there is some anxiety expressed in your dream. But it is not really about your friend and his girlfriend. Dreams speak to us in a symbolic language, not explicitly. This dream, like others, is about you. When you are asleep and dreaming, no one else is actually present there except you. That means everything that appears in your dreams represents some aspect of you. So with that in mind… You are feeling a need for more of your own attention; there is a voice within you (X) that needs you to hear it, to stop being distracted and pulled away by competing interests or needs or obligations. There is another part of you (Z) that keeps pulling you away from being able to give your attention to the needy voice. You experience this part as hostile, threatening, but you still feel a need to respond to it. This Z part of you wants you to explore an expansive, hidden place within you. That place may involve your own spirituality, or a new direction that you are drawn to (or feeling pushed into) but afraid to explore, or a place of refuge from the insistent demand of your unheard X-voice, or perhaps something else; I don’t know you well enough to say. But whatever that place is, you feel like you will drown there. Note that “a pool room” could refer either to pool the game, like in the game room, or to a pool of water, like in the baptismal room. This kind of word-play is surprisingly common in dreams, and good to keep in mind when you’re trying to understand one. It has enabled me to unlock many of my own. Back to your dream… stopping to look at your baby self (from your profile: “i have a ton of friends who all tend to treat me like the baby”) was an attempt to give some attention to a part of yourself that needed some, though different from X. It was also a way to escape the compulsion to follow your Z-self, and in an odd way it worked: Z rushed you away, but that small tussle woke you up. There may be a connection between giving yourself the attention you need and “waking up,” in the metaphorical sense, to some new awareness. Is there something meaningful to you that you might associate with your baby-self’s red hair? With her/you being in a pram?

Answer #16

Dreams are from your sub-conscience mind. The sub-conscience is trying to solve a problem you have. The reason it is so hard to understand, the sub-conscience uses symbols for the problem. Understand what the symbols stand for you will then understand the problem.

Answer #17

dont ever trust over them.

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