What drawings/sketches can I do to fill up my sketchbook?

Also, besides graphite pencil, what other utensils could i use and where do i get them? Thanks in advance! =) x

Answer #1

portraits the starter things or google sketches see what comes up and try to make something like it i make the most randomest sketches like a paper falling or my boyfriend swimming

Answer #2

Thanks but i’m passed beginner stuff lol =) x

Answer #3

I’m a little bit dark when it comes to art, I find that drawing things like animals, children, flowers etc is waaaaayy boring and not very stimulating. I prefer drawing really creepy things, they are a lot funner to draw. When I was in school, for my art exam I drew a table with a saw, a jack-in-the-box, headless clowns, and chopped up dolls dripping blood etc. I was sent to the school counsellor… But I got an A*! Haha. Anyway, yeah I love drawing dark and evil because it’s a lot more imaginative and creative than ponies and kittens.

Answer #4

As for media, seriously just use anything and everything. Art isn’t limited to what you can buy in shops. I often use dirt and tree sap etc. But I’d say the media depends on what you are drawing.

Answer #5

Do sketches of anything object that catches your eye. i would start with individual things like a mug or a bird. then when i want to draw an actual picture i have experience on it. Makes drawing a nice picture without mistakes easier! :)

Answer #6

Thanks i’m optimistic on what i would draw maybe you could set the scene for me? That way i could get a brief outline of what i can draw =) x

Answer #7

You can draw anathing you want. You can grab pictures online and just free draw them, you can draw flowers, peoples pictures, lanscapes, animals, hands, seasonal stuff, and just stuff that comes to your mind. If you take an art class you can try and practice your techniques from there too?

Answer #8

I’m passed the single objects, thanks. If you could just name some stuff then i could put my own twist in it. =) x

Answer #9

What do you mean by ‘set the scene’? lol

Answer #10

mhh well it depends on what kind of person you are. I personally love the whole fantasy, starry, mysterious look in pictures.

Answer #11

Thanks but i don’t really want to be taught how to draw in a certain way. Everyone has their own way and i don’t want to put mine off. =) x

Answer #12

Yeah i’m like that but i like dark twist on things, too. =) x

Answer #13

Like i mean just type down what comes to mind when you hear “mysterious” =) x

Answer #14

Oh okay.. Hmm. The most important thing is not to stereotype, like- mysterious and dark doesn’t necessarily mean twisted trees, full moon, wolves, etc etc. You have to think of ‘happy’ things and make them disturbing… Like how I did dolls and clowns.. even though that’s a bit cliche. Think of things like for example a kid’s birthday party. Draw innocent things like cupcakes, party hats, balloons, presents, candy, kids shoes, and use dark shadows and empty colours to create a feeling of loss and hate. Take glamourous things like champagne, lipstick, maybe some money, heels, earrings… and place them seemingly at random in what could be a murd3r scene or something. Try not to be too cliche with your weapons, instead of guns and knives, try experimenting with household items- turning them into unforgiving weapons. I must sound like such a freak right now, haha, but this is so much funner than drawing watering cans and crap like that.

Answer #15

I like to do charcoal sketches… I look around the room and find a random object or set up my own still life… I adjust the light too so the shading is easier.

Answer #16

Omg! That’s absolutely brilliant! Especially the one with the happy things and dreary colors =) thank you so much =) and you don’t sound like a freak.. Its art lol x

Answer #17

Yeah i do the same with the lighting =)

Answer #18

Cool haha glad I could help.

Answer #19

I used to draw anything that came through my mind. A few examples from back when i was in the 8th grade: [link removed]

[link removed]

[link removed]

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