What are some drawbacks of having braces?

Answer #1

they hurt for the first few days and whenever you get them tightened and you always get food stuck in them and sometimes they cut your lips….but all in all its worth it in the end to have them! :D

Answer #2

I agree with Sandy, they’re annoying and hurt and you get food stuck in them but in the end you’ll thank them :)

Answer #3

your teeth feel sore the first few days, not supposed to have candy or sticky foods (but i did), its kinda hardd to floss, food get stuck,and depending on who does it; when you get your bands changed cause if the person goes rough or does it gently; um…i think thats it, but yeahps :) idkk anymore lol

Answer #4

For me they didn’t just hurt for the first few days - just just plain hurt all the time - more so the first 2 weeks, and then for about 3 days after they were tightened.

Answer #5

Only drawback I can think of is how your teeth feel sore a bit, and perhaps if you have to remove a few teeth. But otherwise you end up having a beautiful smile. :)

Answer #6

try invisalign, no metal,and you can eat whateves with it on, it forms to your teeth so there is no tightening or cutting.

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