How to hide my erection I get whenever I see her?

ok, this is a bit wierd, but I have to ask. every time I see my girlfriend (ILY!!! <3), I hate to say it, but I get an erection. I CANT STAND IT!!! its really hard to hide, and I have a feeling that it wont help me… so pleaze, I desperatly need a way to hide that sonofa*. PLEAZE!!!

Answer #1

dont wurry bout it mate

I used 2 aswell it is a pain but the best thing is to either sit down and take your mind off of it and think about somthing totaly different and/or tuck it down the side of your leg

between me and you mine is big for my age so it is more noticable

so just tuck it between your legs lol

hope I helped : )

Answer #2

It’s normal for that to happen. My boyfriend says it’s a pain also but, standing up infront of class is even worse when you have one. xD Ummm … dont think about things that give you boners… that could be a start.

Answer #3

Why do you want to hide it? That is natural, and your g/f should be happy with it.. The best is that if you tell her that when you got hard..

Answer #4

ya, but the problem is she is what gives me the…problem… shes just so beautiful…

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