How far along in your pregnancy were you when your baby "dropped"?

How far along in your pregnancy were you when your baby “dropped” and how soon after this did you go into labor?

Thanks! :)

Answer #1

Everybody is different I was about 7 months when he dropped and went into labor 1 week early after being induced. Good luck!

Answer #2

My first dropped at 35 weeks and he was was born 6 weeks later.

My second dropped at 37 weeks and he was induced at 39 weeks.

My third dropped at 34 weeks and she was induced at 38 weeks.

Answer #3

I was 38 weeks when my son dropped, but I never went into labor on my own. I had to be induced.

Answer #4

My first, I dropped at 36 weeks, and she was born on time 4 weeks later after 28 hours of labour.

My second didn’t drop - I went into labour 2 weeks early, had to be induced because I wasn’t progressing, and he was born after 72 hours (because he didn’t drop, we had to wait for him to come down).

My third dropped only a couple days before I went into labour and she was born 8 hours later, 3 weeks early.

…just goes to show - no pregnancy is the same :)

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