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hope it helps :D

Answer #2

• PEDIGREE (noun) The noun PEDIGREE has 3 senses:

  1. the descendants of one individual
  2. line of descent of a purebred animal
  3. ancestry of a purebred animal Familiarity information: PEDIGREE used as a noun is uncommon.

• PEDIGREE (adjective) The adjective PEDIGREE has 1 sense:

  1. having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal Familiarity information: PEDIGREE used as an adjective is very rare.
Answer #3

pedigree means like pure. if you have a pedigree dog it means its pure bred and only has one type of dog in it, like you can get mixtures like a labradoodle. pedigree isnt one of those, it would be like a full on labrador or something

Answer #4

What she said, lol. And you should get papers with a pedigree dog for if you want to sell it in future or breed it else people wont want it.

Answer #5

ask Triple H from WWE. he will show you what it means

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