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So when Mormons come knocking to your door do they do it because its what they want to do?? Are they like ordered to do it??? how often do they do this && why?? Just -Curious- Is all… Thanks

Answer #1

The Church of Latter Day Saints calls on calls on all believers who are able to go on a mission. I saw quite a lot of Mormon missiaries since I worked in bicycle shops for 6 years. Missionaries typically did not have cars and used bicycles. They were generally pleasant and never tried to push their religion on me too hard when I politely declined. They typically would ask if we had a missionary discount. I finally started to tell them that we did have a missionary discount and when they pressed further I’d tell them that it is the same as the discount we give everyone else.

I did find it comical that the LDS church felt the need to send missionaries to Denton, Lewisville, Carrollton, and Plano Texas. I think of missionaries as people who venture into the jungle to bring their religion to remote tribes. I guess from their point of view I’m a heathen who needs to be saved from myself. I’ve grown to find the whole idea of missionaries trying to save me as insulting. They are so sure they are right and I’m wrong that they have to try to save me from myself? Gosh that’s condescending.

Answer #2

Well, Missionaries are out there to spread the truth which is the restored gospel. They knock on doors to get investigators if they’re interested. I don’t think they do it too often but then, I don’t get personal with them in that area. I’m a member, and they never knocked on my door until I was introduced by a friend of mine whoes a member. They go for 2 years, and if they knock on your door to see if you’re home, then they’ll ask you if you want to listen to the message of the gospel. If you tell them no, then they’ll move on. They are out there serving our Lord and spreading the truth. They don’t get to go home until their Mission is over. They can send letters to there families but, they can’t take breaks to go home on Holidays or any other occasions. Just don’t be mean to them if you’re not interested in hearing the message. I don’t like when people have to be so mean to the Missionaries. I find that disrespectful, and rude. I love our missionaries. They don’t force you to hear the message or to join the church, that’s your choice. Just like the Jehovah Witnesses. They’re out there wanting people to hear there interpretation of their gospel. They want people to join their church if they’re interested just like mine. Again, if you don’t want the Missionaries over, just be polite and they’ll move on. Everyone has their own beliefs and we don’t try to force our beliefs down anybodie’s throats. Its better that Missionaries don’t barge in people’s homes so that’s why they knock to make sure people are home. Good luck.

Answer #3

My friend is mormon, they are required as part of their belief to do mission work. It’s different from my beliefs, I am Christian and we can chose to do mission work if we feel called to it…but with Mormons it is required..they are supposed to go for 2 years on missions.

Answer #4

Mormons are required to do missionary work, and anyone who is not a Mormon is fair game, much like the Jehova’s Witnesses.

Answer #5

Door to door proselytizers come unannounced and uninvited. They view outsiders as heathens who need to be saved from their own errors. The whole idea of missionary work is condescending. There is no requirement to be polite to them.

In general I am polite to them (I try to show as much respect for other people’s views as they show for mine). I find that missionaries learn a few good sounding pat answers but their knowledge is not very deep. If you can ask them a question they don’t expect and get them off of their script they fall apart.

Answer #6

They truly believe they have a message that needs to be spread to anyone who will listen. They will knock on your door on the off chance that there might be someone there that might be interested. So, if you get a knock and you are not interested, just say so and they will move on. BUT eventually, they will run out of doors and will come back. They apparently don’t do it to bug you again, but because people move out and others move in. Additionally, some people change their minds about listening. They don’t usually come back more than once every few years. If they are coming back more often then that, then tell them to update their records (or get stuffed) :)

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