Know nothing about sex

am a 20 years old am a muslim and bout to get married and know nothin bout sex

Answer #1

Don’t feel bad. Most 20-year-old Christians and Jews don’t know anything about sex either.


But seriously, folks.

I’m going to assume that if one were to liberally apply flesh to the bones of your question, it would read, “I’m not experienced in the ways of physical love, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to please my blushing bride and/or make a complete Chester of myself.” And while my first reaction is, “This is what you people get, Christians and Muslims alike, for not having sex before marriage,” I still understand the nervousness.

There’s two pieces of good news here. The first is that every cell in your body is hard-wired for sex. The only thing you were put on this planet for was to propagate your genetic material as much as possible, so even though you don’t know anything about sex, your body has been planning for this for 20 years. If you don’t overthink things, it’ll figure out what to do on its own.

The second piece of good news is that, chances are, she’s just as clueless as you are, and the exploration of sex and pleasure is one of the best parts about any relationship. If you don’t think of it as “This is something I need to know how to do” and more “This is something we can do together,” you’ll have a lot more fun with it.

Answer #2

Well, first of all make sure to take it slow, and don’t rush into it. It is going to be uncofortable at first, but trust me, you will enjoy it. You should definitely start with a little foreplay, which means kissing, touching, rubbing, explore each others bodies. Then maybe try a little oral sex to get you both going, it usually takes longer for a woman to get in the mood than a guy, so make sure he takes his time down there…After that, I am sure he will know what to do, just keep eye contact and let him know how you like it, or if it hurts…Hope that helps.

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