Dont Guys Just make you Happy

wow so iam here at school and just THINKING how my boyfreind makes me really happpy && how Its A different HAPPY THen a best friend or anyone else !!!

Yeah they can be dooshes at times but im just thinking in my mind guys are guys and us girl have our complexs things to

Like many guys say girls are complex but litterally its them to! I THINK BOTH !! AGREE ??

Like I was reading this saying from some magazine thingy and now I understand it!

( it said somthing like — It is better to Love && be heart brocken then never be loved at all ) && I was like what ?? like thats retarded but I see now I didnt understand it well , now I so agree with it… like TO EVER EXsPERIANCE it once and the feeling of feeling LOVED AND happy is just undesribable ! !

but yeah I just felt like writing what I thought and how I felt lol anyone agree?? (: (:

Answer #1

AGREE bigtime =P and I like the way they spoil a girl when they love her so much,but I hate to be broken so what I do is when I feel im kinda sad b because of a guy I hang out with my friends b because I hate waiting so much

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