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Don't get along with my mom

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I am 16. I do not get along with my mom. She will sometimes act all nice, and then go on a rampage calling me all sorts of nasty names, making me feel like crap, and that I'm worthless. And when I told her what career I want to have, which is art, she tells me that I'll never get a job in that field, and I'm not good enough, even though I've been in many art shows and been recomended to teachers and colleges. If I need something from the store she will throw a huge fit and act like what I need is not important, but then if SHE needs something then everybody has to go to the store. We also do not have a lot of money, and we can't afford a lot. But then she buys all these expensive and collectible items for like 70 dollars each and buys so much decorations for the holidays, no wonder we have no money. I told her this and she once again, threw a huge fit saying its not my money and she can do what she wants. But its not her money either. My dad is the one that works. And he doesn't like all the crap she spends all our money on either, but she wears the pants in the relationship, so what he says doesn't mean anything. She also treats my sister like a princess. My sister is 12. My sister can do anything in the world and get away with it. Even if it has nothing to do with me, I get blamed. I know that everyone says the oldest thinks the youngest gets treated better, but I know for sure, my mom likes my sister better. My little sister wanted my bedroom instead of hers, so my mom took my sisters old bedroom, turned it into a computer room, my sister got my room, and I got the basement. I had sheets for walls for years and years and I begged and begged for walls until I finally got some 4 years later. And they still aren't finished. I even moved out and lived with my grandma for 3 months, but it didnt work out there because I didn't have my own room and it was torture trying to get to school from there. She always compliments my sister all the time about how shes so pretty and does so good in school. But what about me? She only says negotive things about me. And I hear her talking to relatives on the phone, saying all these things about me, which aren't true and she totally twists a story around to make it sound so much worse that it is. I have had thoughts of running away, and I told my mom that, hoping she would think about the way she treats me. But instead, she laughed at me and told me I had nowhere to go, and that I was stupid and a idiot for thinking that, and she'd just call the cops if I did. I also just bought a puppy, with MY money and my mom threatens to get rid of it when shes mad, and I know she would too. She got rid of MY cat last year. And my puppy has some behavior problems, because she is a rescued dog, and I have no clue what her previous owners did to her. But when I'm trying to train my puppy not to bark and whine and bite, my mom sits there and encourages her to bark, bite an whine. And when I yell at my puppy to be quiet when shes doing her high pitched yippy barks, my mom calls me an animal abuser and that I should have my puppy taken away. And that totally destroys me when she says that, because I love animals. I'm sorry this is so long and no one cares, but I just needed to vent. I just need to know how to deal with this, or is there good jobs a 16 year old can have so I can move out when I'm 17.