Dollar store pregnancy tests..

Are dollar store pregnancy test accurate?

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I realy wouldent buy that kind of stuff from the dollar store
if I were you I would talk to my parance or plant parant hood or I would visit a docter just to be sure

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I dont see why they wouldn't work. Your basically paying for the strip not the brand.

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yeah, they work just fine, there 99% effective, but there sometimes hard to read.

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it dont matter what brand you buy because they
all do the same thing.

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Take into the consideration that they ARE from a dollar store, and there was some reason that they didn't sell when they were in the regular store. Perhaps they are junk just like almost everything else in the dollar store.

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I've heard they work just as good as the more expensive ones.

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there 99.9% accurate but dont take it too early my advice to you goOd luck!!!=]]]

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they are 99% accurate.

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